What to read on topic

Environmental Problems:  Non-profit groups, such as 350.org, use scientific information and other scientists research in declaring their objectives and movement to reverse climate change. 350.org represents the amount of carbon emission in parts per million that is the last resort to sustain life on Earth, yet we are currently above that marker (350.org, 2015). One of […]

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Direct Impact

Currently here in the United States, the news media and government have been bringing the attention of the Keystone XL Pipeline. Many corporations and government officials claim that this is one of the safest and cleanest pipelines in the world, delivering crude oil from Canadian tar sands to the Golf Coast of the United States […]

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Factors of scientific rejection

For the issue of climate change, many organizations are involved with its understanding. These would include numerous educational institutions that would include San Francisco State as well as others like the University of Arizona. Government is also involved with the research such as the Environmental Protection Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, due to the purpose […]

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This topic of our environment is important to everyone in the world since we all live here, and this is the only place in the universe we know life to exist. This is because our humanity is being challenged by the environment that we are destroying, threatening to change our world into a world much […]

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For my blog series, I have decided to choose a different topic of which I have selected in my iLearn post. Instead, I will be focusing on research that could apply to my major. I will be looking at astronomical phenomena that occur in the universe. This will act as a precursor to what I […]

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