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ENG 214 InfographAs the world moves closer to uncertain climate change, the native community suffer through continued racism resulting in the their exploitation and censorship of their society. According to Regina Johnson of Socialist, the country continues distancing away from the economic recession of 2008, but these effects still impact all working class citizens and those in continued unfortunate circumstances (Johnson, 2013). The one percent still controls much of the markets and money around the world, funneling the funds to promote their special interests, targeting those whom have the most to loose with little protection themselves (Johnson, 2013). Even appealing the government of the United States does no good for the indigenous population, rather it is legal means in obtaining what is desired. The Treaty of 1842 with the Chippewa people is an example that has reappeared due to the Keystone XL Pipeline, as corporate powers have gone against the treaties set in motion. However, since the Chief Justice Marshall declared in 1831 that the Native Nations are domestic dependent upon the federal government, the treaty is deemed void yet would not grant reparations to the land illegally claimed as traced by Andrew Boxer of History Today (Boxer, 2009).

The sad fact of these corporations is the how they control how the people live their lives, promoting their products to even how we think. Here in California, our sate is refereed to as the “Golden State” due to our mining of gold in the mid 1800’s, to our modern mining efforts on Native American lands (Johnson, 2013). As history has been repeating itself, the corporate and influence has branched into our education system, continuing long held beliefs that began with the government (Speed, 2014). According to Shannon Speed of the Huffington Post, the Texas School Board of Education is just another perpetrating this lack of education of the general population since the School Board produces the greater market of educational textbooks in America, producing products that appeal to their conservative interests (Speed, 2014). These conservative activists want to promote that America has done no wrong yet anything other than this belief, including the majority of the lies they promote, would be “Anti-American” (Speed, 2014).

The irony is the fact that this is the American way of life, proving that this is not an Anti-American ideal. With this mentality, excluding Native Americans from a greater majority of history textbooks and media is to no surprise. Changing this mentality may be difficult, but not impossible. But lacking change is detrimental to us as a nation, loosing our American belief of freedom if we do not enforce them . Native American’s maybe seen as being unable to adapt to the times, but rather change is at the core of their spiritual beliefs. For instance, I never knew any of this information upon arriving to college from the lack of information given in text books on Native Americans, and the information given were one sided to even promote the actions of Columbus or Custer. My education on the subject is something I am proud I have the opportunity for, but saddens me that I can see that a majority of Americans are oblivious to what history this United States was founded on at the exploitation’s of the original Americans. When I tell friends, family, and others my minor in American Indian Studies, most of their reactions are that of confusion. Mostly as to why I would peruse knowledge in obvious dark history of America. My father encompasses this belief perfectly by making statements such as, “the actions of the government were justifiable since the Indians were primitive and killed people” to even ” what new issues are there in American Indian life, because I can’t think of any.” Though my father is my hero, I do not blame him for his ignorance, I blame the education system that has their own agendas by a select few to appease their kickback providers increasing the ignorance of the masses to destroy the lives of Native American lifestyles and environment.

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