What I think

There is energy everywhere, but finding the correct source for reliable energy is difficult acquire. Humans need food for the energy they expel, but cultivating and manufacturing this source of fuel requires force for continued momentum. When the industrial revolution came in to reality, it deprived the people of the western world of much of their natural resources to maintain the explosion of energy hungry industry and manufacturing. This led the European states to declare eras of exploration in establishing lower costs of trade, but rather to find new resources to supply the homeland that is in need. It is a simple understanding of economics supply and demand theory that was applied in the exploration for cheap and reliable income for industry. Unsurprisingly there was violence in the pursuit for claimed ownership as well as the defense of the family and religious ways of life, most like how other conflicts have arose in the past and present since war never changes.

The Native Americans and other indigenous people around the world have faced this type of invasion of the European world directly, even as the initial shock of colonialism and imperialism has worn off. The beginning of New World resources were human beings themselves, taken away from their lands to the European world or used to work in slave labor conditions in search for gold. Though different nations had their own manifests to what they would expect from these new worlds, the government and later business would see these indigenous people as threats to their interests and markets. Whether it be in search for gold, or deforestation for the majesties property, or for land the citizens of politics could live and develop their own lives native people would be forcefully removed and relocated to make way if disease hadn’t overcome their lives first. This separation of land and loss of life affected the spiritual beliefs of the native people, removed and limited of their scared churches and religious grounds. The religion of the Native Americans is seen as primitive and misunderstood, yet they and the beliefs are that to keep the world healthy and alive for the rest of us to take care of her precious gift of life.

The industrial revolution has seen an increase in manufacturing and their products, at the expense of the people and the environment. The search for minerals have led to poisoning and scaring of the land, sterilizing the lands while creating unsafe and unhealthy living conditions for the people living around these effected areas. The Bay Area is a great example of this issue, with mercury from the Gold Rush into the Bay killing and poisoning the food supply for other species as well as humans. Scientists have seen the greenhouse gases increase as a byproduct of consuming energy of the sun that has been stored within the Earth for millions of years. The increased rise in greenhouse material causes warming of the Earth and establishing a domino effect on how the world gets destroyed.


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