Revised Focus

For my blog series I will be focusing on research that could apply to my scientific background and my minor. I will be looking at environmental issues that are effecting not just the world population, but focusing on why it effects Native Americans. This will act as a way to do some research for my minor that I have concern towards, the environment as well as indigenoushardships (Scientific, 2010). The disregard towards Native American rights is not a done deal with the United States, it continues to this day with continuous neglect of their religious beliefs towards the environment that is being destroyed in their back yards.

Within my studies, my professors have told me there are lots of link between the philosophies of native peoples and modern science. So far I have seen these links and methodologies, such as creation stories and the importance that the earth plays in indigenous life (Jenkins, 2013). The interconnections of the Earth and Native Americans have towards their environment is the premise for a majority of their beliefs, the continuing efforts of the government to destroy their belief system is embodied by destruction of their lands. Looking at current policies that the United States is doing shows its disregard to native land and their beliefs. These include the building of the Keystone XL Pipeline and copper mining on land that has the “sovereignty” of native nations, by giving in to corporate demand for the land and resources of the indigenous people (Boos, 2015; Jung, 2015). The environment is being destroyed specifically on Native American lands because the government and corporations find these people weak in fighting such a large power (Boos, 2015). This is explained by environmental racism, where the government and corporations exploit these people to dump their waste, including radioactive material which harms the people and resources (Kamps, 2001).

Native Americans are still having a tough time gaining their sovereignty and place in the world. Now that the issue for global climate change has reached public attention, issues on native land are starting to be taken into account by the non indigenous population. As issues of climate change continue to get more public attention with little government intervention, the native community is starting to get its voice heard after generations of suppression.

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