This topic of our environment is important to everyone in the world since we all live here, and this is the only place in the universe we know life to exist. This is because our humanity is being challenged by the environment that we are destroying, threatening to change our world into a world much like Venus. Narrowing it down to who it impacts the most would be Native Americans, since their respect for the land is being threaten by the same people who stripped away their environment. The philosophy of the indigenous is one of respect for the environment, but corporate power and influence is destroying how our Earth used to be which is something that my generation and I have to figure out how to make a difference.

Some of these ideologies dates back to the stories of creation, for every action results in another one, either beneficial or destructive. This is similar to science in chemistry and physics, but Native beliefs have been pushed aside and even “educated” out of their lives. Before the Europeans came to the America’s, the Native people had no industry that consumed natural resources. In fact, the use of material without respect is against their core belief of unity (Prescott, 2015). As climate changes throughout the world, Native teachings are at the center to the belief of modern activist groups and participation of these communities are making their impacts.

My beliefs have been similar to the Natives before I knew their history and beliefs, while I myself am very scientific in how I see the world. In Native beliefs through the genocide and persecution of their culture, “The Seventh Generation” will rise to meet to lead the effort in changing the issues of the world (Prescott, 2015). Like climate change, the Native perspective of the natural universe can help scientists understand aspects of the universe that their research may fall short upon.

Prescott, Gregg. “Prophecy Of The Seventh Generation Is Happening NOW!” In5D Esoteric Metaphysical and Spiritual Database. 26 Feb. 2015. Web. 19 Sept. 2015


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